Selling your home with MRKT Property Experts

Selling your home doesn’t have to be a headache. We work to exceed your expectations, providing exceptional service as standard.

Our skilled team of experienced estate agents are 100% dedicated to securing the best possible deal. We know that communication is key, so we promise honest advice and ensure that we keep you up to date at every stage of the process. We’re always here for you to answer any questions you may have, with guidance tailored to your individual circumstances.

Getting started – unlocking your property’s sales potential

Selling your house is easy when you know how – and we certainly have the know-how!

We’ll explain everything in clear and easy to understand terms, and this comprehensive guide will give you a handy reference resource to ensure that you’re perfectly prepared and fully understand the sales process.

Our sales strategy – accurate appraisals, effective marketing

Pitching your property at the right price is essential if you want to release the maximum value from your largest personal asset.

There are a number of factors that we take into consideration in order to assess your property and recommend the best sale price, such as:

  • Your preferred timescales for a sale – are you in a rush, or do you have more time to wait for the right offer?

  • Market values – we keep a close eye on current market values for similar properties and are always aware of any fluctuations in the market. Market competition – is it a buyer’s or seller’s market? What other properties are you competing against locally?

  • Market competition – is it a buyer’s or seller’s market? What other properties are you competing against locally?

As soon as we receive your request for a market appraisal, we’ll arrange for an independent assessment of your property to be carried out by one of our experienced estate agents at your convenience – this is a completely FREE service, and you’re under no obligation to proceed.

If you decide not to sell, to go elsewhere, or simply want a valuation to gauge your position or even help with a re-mortgage, that’s absolutely fine with us.

We use the most recent market data and activity, along with our extensive knowledge, to provide an accurate valuation, and you’ll have the opportunity to put forward any questions you may have to our experts – if you forget anything during your appraisal visit, just pick up the phone and we’ll be delighted to help.

Moving to market...

Once you‘ve decided to sell, we’ll talk you through our range of marketing plans and identify the most appropriate approach for you and your property.

At MRKT Property Experts we use the very latest technology and proven marketing techniques to promote your home.

In addition to featuring your property on our own website, we’ll also advertise on all major property portals including:

  • Our online marketing activity also includes social media coverage through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which we supplement with email campaigns and of course the option of a For Sale board.

  • The more exposure your property receives, the wider audience you can expect to attract, maximising sales opportunities and improving your chances of finding the best buyer.

  • Upon receiving your sales instruction, we’ll immediately contact our database of pre-qualified, registered buyers by telephone, email and SMS text alerts, making immediate matches between you and primed, potential purchasers. We can even tailor our database results according to their circumstances e.g. if they’re in a lengthy chain or have a property to sell before they can buy and move into their next home.

  • High quality photography, glossy property brochures (physical and digital versions) along with accurate floor plans and an HD property video can also add value to our marketing activities – and later in this guide, we’ll offer our advice for getting your property ready to make the most of these marketing methods

Conducting viewings

Our flexible service levels mean that you have a choice in regard to how your viewings are conducted.

Do you feel confident that you can perfect your sales patter and clinch a buyer? Or do you feel a professional touch will help to secure a sale more efficiently? Most of our clients prefer for us to take care of the viewings, but we’re also happy to offer some tips if you’d like to manage this yourself.

Our estate agents will handle all enquiries and arrange viewings to fit around any existing commitments or availability restrictions – we can even arrange open day events, allowing multiple parties to look around your property all at the same time.

Potential buyers will always be accompanied by one of our expert estate agents for your peace of mind, and they’ll use the knowledge they’ve built up of your property and the local area to make a convincing case for purchase.

Offers and sales progression

After the marketing and viewings come the offers. This is the most critical stage in the sale of your property, and we act as a professional liaison point between you and your potential buyers at all times.

Depending on a variety of factors, you may receive offers in a steady flow or in volume – the latter is often seen as a result of open day events.

While it may be tempting to jump on the highest offer straight away, if multiple parties have expressed an interest, then in the first instance we’ll offer each potential buyer the opportunity to increase their bid in order to seal the deal.

However, it’s also worth bearing in mind other circumstances in order to secure you with the best all-round deal, such as:

What is their buying position?

This can make all the difference if you have a deadline for your onward property purchase or need to complete and move according to other commitments e.g. school holidays. The transactional process is much simpler if you’re engaging with a first-time buyer and gets progressively more complicated with sale-dependent buyers, depending on how many links there are in the sales chain and their own property’s market position.

Cash or mortgage?

Most buyers will require a mortgage and their level of borrowing could have a significant bearing on your decision. For example, a buyer needing to borrow 85% of the sale price may struggle if the bank’s surveyor down-values your property – if their funds are completely tied up in the 15% deposit, stamp duty and other moving costs, it could leave them unable to proceed at the agreed price, leaving you in need of a new buyer, and putting you back to square one.

If a cash offer is received, then we’ll need to secure evidence of their ability to complete the transaction as promised.

Genuine buyer?

You may end up receiving similar offers from two buyers who are in the same buying position, both with significant levels of deposit. If one buyer began the process with a particularly low offer, only increasing to a sensible level when increased offers were encouraged, it could suggest a higher chance of them seeking a price reduction at a later date. Genuine buyers usually come in with a sensible starting offer and it’s our job to help you decide which would be the best choice, even if it’s not the most obvious one.

Our strong focus on communication empowers you to make informed decisions about accepting or rejecting an offer.

After an offer has been accepted

With a sale price agreed, both you and your buyer will need to employ a conveyancing solicitor to take care of the legal aspects of the transaction, and of course, a mortgage broker may also be involved at this stage.

It’s an unfortunate, but natural fact that busy solicitors may get caught up with other commitments, so it’s our job to keep things moving. Communications between the multiple parties involved need to be managed effectively to ensure efficiency, so we act as a central liaison point, keeping everyone connected, chasing up progress and ensuring everything flows as smoothly as possible. This is particularly important when your sale is part of a chain, where we may be dealing with multiple buyers, sellers and other external agencies and professionals.

Renegotiations after surveys

Sometimes, after receiving their mortgage survey or homebuyer’s report, a buyer may wish to enter into negotiations in order to lower the sale price and cater for potential improvement works.

As experienced agents, we have the knowledge and skills to help allay any fears that may have been triggered by these surveys, and we use our insight and past case studies to help quantify the findings contained therein.

For example, an older property will have been subject to a degree of normal ‘wear and tear’, and the results of the reports may need reframing in order for the buyer to put them into clearer perspective.

Handled with care most of these issues can be overcome, ending in a fair and satisfactory resolution for all parties.